Company Overview

About Insightful Market Research Ltd


Insightful Market Research Ltd is a full fledge market research professional with capabilities in both qualitative and quantitative research

Our main function include;

  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Report writing
  • Market insight

Insightful Market Research Ltd is specializes in handling large studies both qualitative and quantitative globally and in particular Nigeria due to her wide national field spread and pool of field staff (over 300) across the 36 states of Nigeria, this is an added advantage in ensuring a quick turn-around on all our projects

Our Vision:
world class standards with unequal quality information for both local and global clients.

Our Mission:
To be a trusted & reliable partner in the growth of our clients’ business by delivering prompt, quality, excellent and actionable information at reduced cost.

Our Regional Offices in Nigeria

Field Network and Spread - Africa

We handle projects in other African countries i.e. Ghana, Republic of Benin, Togo, Kenya, Cameroun, Senegal etc.

Design and analysis of all work are done in our head office in Nigeria.

Our Capability and Strength

Qualitative and quantitative methodologies is our tools:

Qualitative methodology

  • FGD
  • IDI
  • Ethnography
  • Consumer immersion
  • B2B
  • IHV

Our ability to web stream FGD or IDI so that our clients can view at their work place or home based on their convenience.

Quantitative methodology

  • Insightful Market Research Ltd now employ the use of CAPI and CATI for increased, efficient and interviewing error data collection
  • We have large pool of trained freelance staff for use in large sample size studies. Can mobilise and collect data within a short notice.
  • Regional teams that use local knowledge/experience to collect data

Continuous training and project review

Insightful Market Research Ltd believe to be relevant in the market there must be regular training.  Therefore, we brief and regularly hold data collection review with our team

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